Combining Lumbrokinase -The Nature's Most Powerful Fibrinolytic Enzymes That Dissolve Dangerous Blood Clots & EDTA - The Nature's Wonder That Dissolve Atherosclerotic Plaques...

Dissolve dangerous blood clots safely and naturally

Remove arterial plaques that accumulated on your arteries walls

Banish poor blood circulation and restore healthy, smooth flowing blood to your whole body

Thin your blood safely and naturally without blood thinner such as aspirin & plavix

Quickly lower high blood pressure with better and smoother blood flow

Safely eliminate root cause of blood clots and stop clots forming

Effectively prevent strokes and heart disease

AnginaRex Ingredients!

Testimonials :


“Hi, I just want to tell you that I tried AnginaRex™, and I am amazed. My chest pain went on for over 1/2 years; I actually went to see a doctor. The doctor gave me blood thiner, along with Plavix and ask recommend to do an angiogram

When I saw your ads on WebMd, I know I have to try AnginaRex.

Since my condition is serious, I took 6 AnginaRex™ capsules a day as recommended by Steve, and in 41 days, I felt so good as my pain started to ease!

After 8 months of AnginaRex™, I have been jogging like I always did, and I no longer have chest pain or shortness of breath!

It was so simple and easy. Thank you, it’s great to be able to do the thing I like most again and not suffer.”

Eric Woon

I'd like to say "thank you"

“I'm 67 and I have been experiencing chest discomfort a years ago. Ct Scan showed that my arteries was 70% blocked and I was advised to undergo angioplasty"

Fortunately, my wfe's friend introduced me to AnginaRex and the rest is history. After approximately 6 months of AnginaRex ( 4 capsules a day ), i no longer felt chest pain and no angioplasty is required. I am currently taking AnginaRex™ 2 capsule twice a day as maintenance dosage.

Andy Brock

A Really Powerful Herbs!

I was skeptical about being able to be free from angina symptoms, and I thought the only way to prevent heart attacks is having by-pass surgery...especially after years of suffering and having to take so many OTC drugs.

I can't thank you enough for making AnginaRex™ available. I am so pleased. Now I can live without worrying about heart attacks and strokes

I have never been one to be impressed by testimonials so I don't know how much weight mine will have, however, if it helps please feel free to use any of it.

Once again, thank you.


Lily Anderson

AnginaRex™ Really Work!

Thank you! I am 59 years old. I have diabetes, high blood pressure and I have an artery that is 60% blocked and have angna pain when I exercise.

Doctor advised me to stop any form of exercise as this can trigger a heart attack.

I started taking AnginaRex™ about 3 moths ago, I did as you said, and I am happy to say that I have had little to NO chest pain or discomfort after 3 months of AnginaRex™!

I actually felt liberated! I'm very confident that my blockage has reduced as I no longer having shorness of breath.

Again, thank you, and don't stop sending emails!!!


Simon Jenkins

Malaysia Customer Feedback